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::Name:: catherine ::Age:: 15 ::Location:: alabama ::Sex:: female… - Where ONLY the Rad Survive! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Dec. 16th, 2004|09:59 pm]
Where ONLY the Rad Survive!



::Name:: catherine
::Age:: 15
::Location:: alabama
::Sex:: female
::Sexuality:: i like boys, kthanks.

(No More Then 5)

::Color:: pink, black, and blue.
::Bands/Singers:: green day, the killers, blink 182, franz ferdinand, taking back sunday, incubus, death cab for cutie, the used, ashlee simpson, avril lavigne.
::Movies:: mean girls, white chicks, thirteen, center stage.
::Songs:: all green day songs.
::Stores:: delia's, hollister, pac sun, bebe, abercrombie & fitch, saks.
::Books:: the gossip girl series.
::Word:: hollerrrrr, skank, girlface, pimpin', ooow lala.
::Season:: fall
::Shows:: laguna beach, the real world, anything on the food network, the simple life.
::Actress:: cameron diaz.
::Actor:: orlando bloom, jack black, johnny depp, ashton kutcher.
::Flavor:: strawberry

::Just Was Wondering? ::

::If you had a baby girl,what would you name her?Baby boy?:: girl: ashlee, aska, atalia, cleme. boy: ryan
::If you had superpowers, what would they be and why?:: to read people's minds, i mean everyone always wants to know what other people are thinking of them. you can't say you don't, haha.
::Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?:: ehh, no. ;///
::Have an obsession?:: my hair, probably.
::What do you do when you are bored?:: paint my nails, talk on the phone, or watch tv. [anything NOT productive]
::What does your username mean?:: it's just something me and my best friend always say to each other, so i thought it would be cute.
::What makes you different from other people?:: well, at my school, my hair. i'm probably one of the only girls in my grade that doesn't have blonde hair. overall, i'm just really outgoing. i'm not really ever embarassed by anything and i'm not afraid to be myself.

:: About the Community ::
::Where did you find Only_The_Radest?:: a friend.
::YOU MUST promote to one community and one person. show us the links( NO PROMTOIN IN THIS COMMUNITY UNLESS YOU PROMOTE US IN ANOTHER COMMUNITY AND IT MUST BE UNDER A LJ_CUT AND ONLY ONCE A WEEK PLAESE):: http://www.livejournal.com/users/hotpink_punk/60998.html?view=208454#t208454
::Why do you want to be a member here?:: it seems like a fun community.
::Will you be active?(vote,promote,post pictures):: i will do the best i can. i'm not really supposed to be online, and i can only get on late at night. so i can try the best i can.
::We need theme ideas put three here:: christmas, sports, famous people.
::What do you think of the Mods?:: they seem like really cute people.

:: We Love Being Random ::
(Finish These Sentences Its Optional To Do This Part)
::If I was on a desert island the three thing i would bring are:: a cell phone, food, and a boy.
::When nobody's home I:: listen to music really loud and get online.
::If I could do one thing to change the world I would:: change peoples perspectives on the government here.
::Abortion is:: really bad, unless you were raped.
::If I could eat one food it would be:: fried green tomato's.
::If I could marry anybody it would be:: orlando bloom

And on to the pictures(You Only Need 3 but no more then 6 NO NUDITY)

[this one is kind of hard to see, but if you can it's really cool.]


[User Picture]From: lying_awake
2004-12-18 12:43 am (UTC)
its awesome beacuse i forgot i was in this commune.
you seem like someone...i wont like?

i dont know.
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[User Picture]From: sick_of_crying
2004-12-28 09:35 pm (UTC)


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